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This site is being 'continued' with our new smallholding site at Glyn Elwyn in South West Wales, http://www.glynelwyn.co.uk.

Please save your bookmarks and follow our journey with not only our pigs, but also our sheep, goats, poultry. This is now also a journey into becoming as self sufficient as possible with growing vegetables and feeding ourselves accordingly, whilst being realistic about how 'green' we can viably be.


Not quite the 'Good Life', but our first steps on the way to self sufficiency.
Well - our "not quite the good life" has now turned into a full on "Good Life"!!   We up'ed sticks and moved our smallholding lock stock and barrel to the glorious countryside of south west Wales on the Carmarthenshire/Pembrokeshire border.   There are some tales to tell and these will be reported on in our NEW site:  http://www.glynelwyn.co.uk. Life is very exciting at the moment and I have no doubt will continue to be 'exciting' in one way or another for many years to come!!   


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