Woodland Gardens

As well as the large mature enclosed garden which surrounds the house, with swings, slide and room to play football, we have eight acres of hay meadows and a three acre water meadow for you to roam and enjoy together with a woodland garden containing a pond and a variety of native and planted flowers, shrubs and trees. A shallow stream runs through the fields and into the yard where we have an original Welsh longhouse and a stable block with loft.


In Spring 2006 we reclaimed an acre of hillside at the top of a wooded valley which had become overgrown with dense bramble and blackthorn scrub and this is our new woodland garden project – our pride and joy! It is now home to an interesting collection of unusual trees and shrubs chosen for year round interest in form, flower, foliage and bark blended with native trees and ferns. These are underplanted with a range of spring and autumn bulbs together with various herbaceous woodland plants. The conditions favour the growth of hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias and maples. The woodland garden also incorporates a pond and boggy area which attracts a range of wildlife including heron, wild duck, many dragonflies and newts. This is a place good for the soul where thinkers can think, artists can paint, writers can write and mere mortals can quietly rejuvenate!


In January 2012 we fenced off over half a hectare of wet meadow and planted 1500 trees and shrubs to create an area of new native woodland, consisting mainly of ash, alder, oak and birch, with other small trees and shrubs on the edge such as holly, rowan, hazel, dogwood and crabapple. This will eventually enhance our already prolific bird, insect and butterfly populations.