Pentre Brain - Livestock



The Sheep:


We have a growing flock of Torwen sheep. The Torwen are a variety of the Welsh Badger Faced Mountain Sheep, Torwen is Welsh for white belly but the rest of the sheep is black. We chose to keep Torwen’s because we were looking to keep a native Welsh breed that was hardy enough to thrive in this part of the world. It of course helped that they are a very beautiful. The Torwen’s are known for the high quality meat they produce, as well as their soft thick fleece. Please check our For Sale page if you are interested in meat or wool.



The Pigs:


We have an eclectic mix of rare breed pigs here at Pentre Brain. We have Large Blacks, Middle Whites, Gloucester Old Spots, Oxford Sandy and Blacks and Mangaitza’s, all of which have their own special personalities and characteristics. The Large Black pigs, as the name suggests, is a large breed that is hardy and docile. With their large ears however they also have a tendency to not look where they are going that can result in the occasional bit of mayhem. The Old Spots have an excellent temperament, a large pig that is easy to handle. They apparently get their name because apples fell on them when they were kept in orchards causing their spots. The Oxford Sandy and Blacks, also known as Plum Pudding pigs, are a lovely medium size pig with an easy going personality; although in the case of our two a bit mischievous as well. The Middle Whites are our newest additions, and are one of the rarest breeds in the world. They are famed for their succulent pork, which we cannot wait to try. Mangalitza’s, or woolly pigs, are a small hardy eastern European breed. Their unusual looks and great tasting meat have increased their popularity in this country.


For more information on each of these breeds please check out the British Pig Association and the Rare Breeds Trust, links can be found on our Links Page.


For any further information please get in touch. Also check our For Sale page for our meat, and Weaners when available.





At Pentre Brain we keep an array of poultry and waterfowl. We have Silver Appleyard ducks that are a lovely meat bird as well as being excellent layers. There is also Light Sussex chickens, and George, the Buff Orpington cockerel that we were given. We have some Toulouse and Ebdon geese that look after the rest of our flock. Every year we raise Kelly Bronze turkeys for Christmas, so if you are after a beautiful centrepiece for your Christmas dinner just get in touch.



The Goats:


When we first moved to Wales we had a small herd of Angora goats, of which we still have two. They have beautiful soft fleeces that we sheer by hand twice a year. They do however prefer the warmer weather and usually take them off to bed when the weather turns. Please check the For Sale page if you are interested in our fleeces.