Goat Facts


Points to look for when buying a goat

25 years ago a very clever and wise woman Christine Palmer gave me this advice so now I pass it on to all new would be goat keepers.

Starting with the head:

1. EARS - should be erect and alert (this does not apply to Anglo
Nubian types of goats).
2. EYES - should be clear, bright and sharp.
3. MOUTH - this should be neither over shot or under shot, in other words the bottom teeth should rest on the top pad.
4. CHEST - must be broad with plenty of space between the front legs.

The next part should be thought of along the lines of wedge shapes:

5. When looking sideways on at the goats body, think of a large wedge, the narrow part being at the front of the legs and the wide part of the body being under the back legs.
6. Run your hand along the back of the goat, starting at the
shoulders, again think of a wedge, for as you run your hand along the hips should be wider than the shoulder.
7. Back legs, when looking from behind, again think of a wide wedge, narrow part up by the tail and widest at the feet. This allows room for hopefully a large udder and this will allow for the legs to move without damaging the udder.
8. Using a horse person’s expression ‘the goat should stand foursquare’ meaning well spaced between all its legs and a leg at each corner. The next thing to look for is that it is not down on its pasterns.

Now one of the most important item, the goats UDDER, it should not be lopsided. In other words, one side larger than the other. Feel the udder, if it feels hard, not just firm, walk away and don’t buy. The goat may well have had mastitis.

Some of the things stated may seem a bit harsh, but they will save you heartache and money later.

I wish you all good stock purchases. by Barbara Richards.

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