July Meeting

Our July meeting was at Mike and Jayne’s where we had a chance to look around and see the produce and layout of their land and walk around the wooded area.  How much they have packed into their plot.  Over time there has also been some livestock, goats, sheep and chickens.  It was lovely watching the wildlife on the small ponds and having lunch outside.  It was one of the few days when the sun was out and it was not raining.  Thanks to them for providing lunch, so much to choose from!  The waffles were certainly enjoyed.


September Meeting

Our September meeting was not the best we have had for weather.  Nearing Cardigan the weather across the Presselies look clear.  We stopped for lunch at the Garden Centre in Moleygrove and whilst having lunch, the rain we thought we had left behind caught up with us.  We were joined at the Garden Centre by Pierre and Sue and Mike and Jayne (not arranged) and stood watching the rain rushing down the driveway and the winds getting stronger.  Did think of phoning Bruce to say we were transferring the meeting to the Garden Centre, but no signal.  In the end we braved it, and three vehicles set off down to the village.  The rain eased off and we started the tour, only to be greeted half way round by another downpour.  We managed to finish our tour and find our way back to the ‘shed’ where we were greeted with hot drinks and cake.  Worth getting wet for.  Hopefully our next meeting will be in better weather.