HERON'S GHYLL RDA                        - Driving Group

Registered Charity No. 1073569


Heron's Ghyll Driving Group was started in 1985 with one elderly pony. At the present time we have 6 ponies, 2 belong to the group and 4 are privately owned and are very kindly loaned to the Group for its use. Without the ponies that are privately owned, and very kindly loaned to the group for its use, we really could not do the job properly.


The aim is to provide the opportunity for disabled people to participate in this sport with great benefits for their health and well being. It is almost impossible to put into words the profound and lasting benefits that this sporting therapy has brought to people.





Coronavirus Update


Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) May 13th 2020


Following the government’s announcement on Sunday, RDA has briefed its groups around the UK to remain closed. Due to the specific nature of the risk for our clinically vulnerable participants, and the impossible challenge of meeting social distancing requirements in almost all cases, we are advising no change to our current position.


We do expect more information in the coming days about the relaxation of rules around sports and physical activity, and will of course update our advice if necessary, but the safety of our participants and volunteers remains a priority at all times.


We have a team working specifically on preparing our groups for a return to activity as and when the time is right. The timing and manner of that return will vary greatly across the organisation, and we are working with our groups to understand the various challenges they will face in the coming weeks and months so we can give them the support they need.


We know the continued closure of our groups is affecting everyone involved in RDA, not least our participants and their families. We are looking forward to resuming activity as soon as possible – but not before it is safe to do so.