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Heron's Ghyll Tel. 0300 201 0036

Registered Charity No. 1073569


Heron’s Ghyll driving group is a charity under the umbrella of the Riding for Disabled and caters specifically for those unable to ride but can still enjoy experiences with horses through carriage driving.


Formed in 1985 and based near Chiddingly in East Sussex our participants come from around the county on a Thursday morning to partake in a variety of activities. These could typically be pleasure drives and gymkhana type events along with learning dressage, cones and obstacle driving. They also have opportunities to test their newly learned driving skills and other related equestrian challenges by attending competitions with other groups from around the country. Indeed, several participants have progressed to compete at national and international level with podium wins.


Fund raising and sponsorship is, of course, an important element for the group and this enables us to increase activities to enable the drivers to hone their skills and they often find with improved co-ordination, muscle power and balance, independent decision making is achieved with their increased confidence.


The group owns, to date, two ponies that are stabled with volunteers who have the necessary room and where they also undertake the exercise and care required to keep them fit and well. We also have an additional two ponies whose owner/drivers bring along to us on a regular basis and for whom we pay travel expenses. Each horse or pony undergoes rigorous vetting and regular checks for suitability, strength and character whilst the volunteers and companion drivers, also have to meet the required standard of training.


Our participants have a diverse range of needs, from sight & audio impairment, acquired brain or physical injuries along with those born with a variety of physical or mental challenges. The group also has especially adapted carriages and a hydraulic lift to assist participants in wheelchairs and whilst they may be wheelchair bound, are in no way bound by their wheelchairs!