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High Achievers

A collection of memorable pictures of HGDG's high achievers.


Gordon Curd

“In Memory of Gordon Curd one of the HGDG RDA high achievers”
19th May 1929 – 22nd December 2010




Top Left to Right 

Gordon driving June Sexton’s dark bay pony Sophie with AB Whip Hilary Hill

 Gordon with Hilary waiting to start the marathon in cross country colours on a National RDA team trial at Dounhurst

Gordon winning at The BDS Show driving Val Eyres Hot Toddy.

Middle Left to Right

Gordon entering the water obstacle with Sophie at Dounhurst

Gordon receiving first prize with Toddy in at the BDS Show Smiths Lawn, Windsor 1996

Gordon receiving yet another red rosette – Gordon and Toddy showing in the ring.

Bottom Left to Right

Gordon driving at a show with Toddy’s owner Val

Gordon driving Rupert in an obstacle with owner Janet Bettell-Higgins at Bradbourne

Gordon, Val and Toddy waiting to go on the East Drive




Keith Farley

“In Memory of Keith Farley one of the HGDG RDA high achievers”
8th April 1949 – 6th August 2016



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Heron's Ghyll Ponies

(courtesy of Peter Stockwell, Hilary and James)



                   Charlie                     Bertie                    



Buttons                   Nutmeg                   Lottie





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