Welcome to Barons Court Caravan Park


About Us

Steph was born in Watford, Hertfordshire and grew up with horses and dogs. She went to secretarial college and then had various jobs as a medical secretary. When the children were younger I did a variety of jobs including delivering Yellow Pages, stacked shelves at Morrisons, etc. When the children were older I run my own dog grooming business from home. This was very enjoyable and I met some lovely dogs.


Nick was born in North London and grew up with various animals. He went to agricultural college.We were married in June 1991 and Philip and Sarah soon followed. We remained in Hertfordshire but it was always our dream to have a smallholding with some animals. We had various animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and chickens whilst in Hertfordshire.


In March 2009 our world was turned upside down when Nick had a stroke. This was followed by other complications. Nick was able to go back to work but he developed post stroke epilepsy in November 2013 and at this stage we knew that he could no longer work.


In April 2015 we moved to Barons Court and we are now living our dream -it is a 4 acre smallholding. Nick’s health is a lot better since moving down here and we have sheep, goats, chickens and ducks. Of course we still have dogs who live in the house with us. The Caravan Park was an added bonus. We have met some lovely caravanners from all over the country and we even had one couple from New Zealand when they were travelling around watching the Rugby World Cup.