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Our Pets

We have our 'house' dogs and cats and on our smallholding we also have a collection of animals.

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The first animals to come were the chickens. We have a variety of breeds and they lay a variety of coloured eggs.

Pygmy goats soon followed. This is a breed of miniature domestic goat and they are kept as pets. They originated in the Cameroon Valley of West Africa.

Ryeland sheep then arrived and are used as lawnmowers. They are a traditional British sheep breed. They are docile and easy to look after. This makes them ideal for a smallholder.

Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep quickly followed. These are smaller and are black in colour.
They originate from one small area of Wales – the Tywi Valley.

Then came some ducks which produce some lovely eggs. They get on well with the chickens!

Recent additions are 2 golden guernsey goats – The origin of the Golden Guernsey is unknown, though research on DNA by the University of Cordoba has concluded that the goat is indigenous to Guernsey. They are normally kept for milk as the butterfat and protein levels. We have castrated boys and are kept as pets!

Lastly we also have Cameroon sheep. The Cameroon sheep is one of the world’s oldest surviving breeds and they were originally bred in Cameroon and other surrounding counties in West Africa. They are hairy sheep as a wolly coat would be a disadvantage in the African climate. It is believed that there are less than 1000 of these sheep in existence!